Monday, June 8, 2009

the babies grow...

My youngest, B.Soul, had a birthday recently, and I was just looking at the difference in cupcakes from last year to this year. Cookie Monster (which he still loves) from last year, and the Letter Cupcakes (cause he's learning his letters and spelling his name--genuis, I know!) from this year's birthday.

B.Soul, you are perfect in every way--even when you're whining:) Happy Birthday, baby.




glsmith said...

I was just in your shop yesterday and I was amazed by it all! Your kindness, cupcakes and artwork were beyond words! I am from the Springfield area and can't wait to make another trip to STL and stop by. Love it! Thanks!!!!

Kella said...

I love your Cookie Monster cupcake creation, Reine. My mom made a Starbrite doll face for my sister when we were growing up. You're a thoughtful mom!

char said...

Reine, I just want to let you know that we LOVE your shop. We're about to move 2 blocks from you, so you'll see a lot more of us, but until then we've been doing weekly...ok, bi-weekly SweetArt runs. We've been telling all our friends about you, and I'll probably be in tonight to get more cupcakes!

SweetArt said...

I'm so grateful for all the kind notes. Kella, I will be calling/emailing you soon (it's a mad house here--we're short atleast one employee)! Char--welcome to the 'hood! Glad to have you close. Just remember: it's all natural...what's the harm:)

Peace & love,