Sunday, June 28, 2009

The first man I wanted to marry...

...was Michael Jackson. True. I remember buying buttons with his face on them when I was 6-years old and my family lived in Los Angeles. Vendors lined the streets selling precious momentos and I could never have enough of them. My tiny torso was crowded with his image. He was perfection...and I never thought anyone could make me feel the way Michael Jackson made me feel.

Fast forward 25 years or so...where we now live in a world who's stalking nature with celebrities and "Celibrity" makes my stomach turn. The magazines and televisions shows devoted just to "catching" the stars living life are mindless. I just told Cbabi that it has to be crazy to open your front door and have people standing on the sidewalk waiting to take your picture. That's crazy! I think the world--that world--broke Michael Jackson's heart. How could it not?

If anything, Michael Jackson's passing woke me up. I didn't know him, but he reminded me of someone who needed to be loved. I know that feeling. Since starting this business (this life, really), I've had relationships crumble. Real stinkers. As I complained about these relationships to a wise woman, she asked me, "Are your children happy? You and your husband okay? Yes? Sweetheart, that's all that matters, you hear me."

Some people can drain you of your joy, of your ability to love yourself. They can make you question the perfection that God has blessed you with. They can break you down; they can make you miserable, but you still have them in your life because you still want them to like you, love you. They aren't worthy of you. No one is worthy of your time and energy and love if they don't make you feel good to be around them. Let them go.

I know this entry is not about food, but sometimes other things need to be said. Be so protective of your happiness and peace of mind. Be so protective of your family and what brings you joy. Don't allow other people who will probably never be happy with themselves to break your heart.

May Michael Jackson rest gently and joyfully...finally.

grace & peace,


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