Sunday, December 28, 2008


i must say that as long as i waited to pull that kraft paper off the front windows, i didn't anticipate feeling so exposed when it got dark and we are still bright and open. but now it feels GREAT! i can't get enough of being there. and yes, it's only been three days. i'll let you know how i feel after day 30. but for now, the new honeymoon with my wife (and kids) is pretty fantastic and we can't wait to see all the old and new faces that come through and SMILE because that is what the space is all about... bringing smiles to folks eyes and tummies. we look forward to meeting you.

be cool

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas Eve

It's Christmas Eve--9:53p.m. and all of our babies are sleeping. They are soooo excited that Santa is coming that they fell asleep without much fanfare. Ajani even fell out of bed, announced his landing and sleepily said, "Merry Christmas."

I had so much fun with them tonight. We made hot chocolate and read, as we do every year, "The Night Before Christmas". Though we're opening Friday (awful timing for a mother who is Christmas crazy), I'll sneak away to the shop tomorrow to prep for the big day. There's a little guilt associated with that, but I want the shop to feel like home to my children (cause we'll be there often). That's one reason why we're open Wednesday-Saturday, because I want to see my children. When I've trained our assistant bakers well enough, we may open up on Tuesdays; never Sunday--eventhough we are across the street from a church. Believe me, everyone and their momma has said, "How could you not be open on Sunday?!?!" Here's how: our children are in school everyday EXCEPT Saturday and Sunday. We work on Saturdays, and they are with us in the mix. Sundays are family day--to worship as we choose, to cuddle with books, to play board games, to talk about how everyone is doing, to play with Lego's and do yoga. Sundays are our days to connect and to breathe. We sure hope people understand. Just buy a lot of cookies and cupcakes on Saturday to carry over to Sunday (& Monday:)

But I digress, it's Christmas Eve, and my beautiful babies are tucked into bed, dreaming of Christmas morning. We are creating fantastic memories. Sixty years from now, I won't be thinking of how many cupcakes I sold on Sundays or any other day for that matter; I'll be thinking of my family, the memories we've made, and I'll be so happy I didn't forget what is eternally important.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Be Brave

After a few tearful episodes (yes, I can be a little extra at times), we got the 34 dozen cupcake order out and delivered to many, many locations. I talked to the great Matthew Rice of Veruca Bakeshop, who advised me on temperature settings on a convection oven versus a home oven. Thank you, Matthew! Not only does his desserts make my heart go pitter-patter, but his kindness is unique, and his sharing of information is unheard of. I am so grateful for the support.

I'm learning that I need more than passion. People always say, "Just follow your passion." Besides passion, lots of courage is involved. So much courage. It is easier to follow your passion from the comfort of your home. "Going public"--which is what i feel as though we're doing--"putting ourselves out there", is equivalent to my 3-year-old son who recently sang the "ABCs" on stage at school in front of his whole class, parents, his older brother's class and his older sister's class. In front of the whole school. He did it. His whispering audible to a very proud mother and father (I am crying now). That took so much courage. He is the child who had been so quiet at school that one day he spoke and a classmate said, "He can talk?" He sang his ABCs on a stage. That's huge! Thinking of him makes me think I can bake some cupcakes and cookies, turn the "open" sign on, unlock the door, and be brave.

My baby boy sang. He sang. I can whip up some deliciousness. I can follow my passion. I can so be brave.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

How many cupcakes does it take to learn a new oven?

Today was the first day I baked on my new, dream oven. A Vulcan double stack convection oven. It took about 166 cupcakes for me to kinda figure out what the right temperature should be. I've never used a commercial, convection oven before. Until now, I've been baking (albeit illegally) out of my home oven--and my treats are perfect from home. At the shop with the new dream oven--not so much! It was so bad that I thought I was crazy for attempting to now have a shop. I have to relearn how to make my treats taste equally fantastic in an oven that has temperature controls and a power level--what is the power level for, anyway? I have to do this quickly--money still is not growing on any of the trees we've planted. I think I've figured out how to trick my new oven (we'll see tomorrow). Keep your fingers crossed for me...and cupcake goddesses, help a sista out.