Sunday, December 28, 2008


i must say that as long as i waited to pull that kraft paper off the front windows, i didn't anticipate feeling so exposed when it got dark and we are still bright and open. but now it feels GREAT! i can't get enough of being there. and yes, it's only been three days. i'll let you know how i feel after day 30. but for now, the new honeymoon with my wife (and kids) is pretty fantastic and we can't wait to see all the old and new faces that come through and SMILE because that is what the space is all about... bringing smiles to folks eyes and tummies. we look forward to meeting you.

be cool

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Mameeeeeeee said...

Lovin your blog
Followed from Cakes's blog
Feeling your fear and excitement
You look a bit scary in your profile photo.
Gotta learn to smile for the customers, of whom I wish you many!