Sunday, January 4, 2009


Ahh, i've dreamt of this moment. I've read about other bakeshops who've had to close early because they sold out of goods. I dreamt that this would happen to me someday. i didn't think it would be this past Saturday. Yeah, baby...we sold out!...of everything...not just cupcakes...EVERYTHING!! Cookies, quiche, rice krispie treats, coffee cake, everything! This is a small miracle, especially given just a few days ago before it was soooooo SLOW that my wonderful daugther said, "Are we open?" Yup, that's what she said. So she made a side that said, "Come in! Come! We're come in!" The slow day thankfully covered payroll, and maybe a couple pounds of butter and that's about it. So selling out yesterday was soooo sweet, and I'm so thankful to all who came and bought one thing...and those who bought two things...and those who bought coffee and worked on their computers...I'm just thankful for people coming to support our dream. it means so much to us. We just want to create a yummy, warm space that everyone feels welcome. Thank you for helping us create that space. I am so grateful to all who come and spend their time. Thank you...thank you...thank you.



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amusedone said...

ummm, is there room in here for when your 'wonderful daughter' mentioned how "we" don't pay for your treats! love that girl! love her! continued prosperity in the '09 my friend. love you.
~match (thought you'd like that!)