Thursday, January 14, 2010


So long ago I posted...maybe it's because my digital camera is broken and I hate posting without pictures. Anyhoo, we will be doing a class just before Valentine's day...maybe Vegan Truffles or Vegan Tarts...haven't decided yet. Any interest?

grace & peace,


Saturday, January 2, 2010

And a Happy New Year...

There's one thing that is certain--change. When people have said this to me in the past, it always made me uncomfortable. I think maybe the thought of change just made me feel not in "control". Not that I'm a control freak, or anything:). But this year I know things are changing--right away actually--and I welcome all the good things that these changes will bring.

Just a year ago, we opened our doors with $300 and prayers. It was "do" or "close" and everyday I prayed people would find us because we did not have money for advertising (you wouldn't believe how much that stuff costs!) I prayed people would like us and tell others because our source of advertising would have to be word-of-mouth. It still has to be that way, honestly. I'd rather pay better wages than advertise.

And after being closed since Christmas Day, I am praying once again--that people keep coming and new people find us and people enjoy our space, and that this year I pray more and believe my prayers will be answered and stop all the dag'on worrying because it has done nothing but age me. Seriously.

We're opening up at 7am-7pm Tuesday-Friday and 8am-6pm on Saturdays--change number one! We will have a small breakfast menu--change number two! We're staying open an hour later for those who want dinner--change number three! These changes will be well received--claimed changed number four!

I get these daily emails from a site ( which sends me inspirational tidbits to brighten my day. The last one I opened said how wonderful 2010 would be for me in every way, but that I needed to do one thing: Dream Bigger.

'Nough said.

I'm dreaming bigger and wish you all do the same (and please, make them sweet dreams, not "what-if-the-worst-possible-scenario-always-happens-to-me" ones). I am so grateful for all the people who wish us well, who come and support this dream of heart is full of love and hope and belief in my dreams.

That's change number five! The best one yet.

Happy New Year.

grace & peace,