Wednesday, July 7, 2010

One Singular Sensation

The last few days has been a test. Every now and then, I question everything there is or was--including the food that I make and bake. If the shop were a suitcase, I'd be the gypsy that I feel I am and pack that bad boy up ever so often--including this past week.

But thank God for friends.

A friend told me today that, "If someone took all your recipes and opened up shop around the corner, she could never duplicate what you and Cbabi have. You all are something that God and the ancestors have helped mold and design to do just this. Your essence is in your shop; that can't be copied."

So many people talk all around us, and it's not always positive. But hearing my friend say that tonight and getting a great! email from a recent wedding couple are reminders from God that what I do is good and cherished and whole and perfect for me. I don't have to be anyone else or do what someone else does or make my frosting like Bakery X (not a real place :) I just have to do me.

So, do you. When all else fails, it's so hard to pretend to be someone or something else. Sooner or later the party ends, the makeup comes off, and people either love the person standing in front of them or they don't. So you might as well be real and true and let those who love that real you join the fun.

trying to remember to be me,