Saturday, December 20, 2008

Be Brave

After a few tearful episodes (yes, I can be a little extra at times), we got the 34 dozen cupcake order out and delivered to many, many locations. I talked to the great Matthew Rice of Veruca Bakeshop, who advised me on temperature settings on a convection oven versus a home oven. Thank you, Matthew! Not only does his desserts make my heart go pitter-patter, but his kindness is unique, and his sharing of information is unheard of. I am so grateful for the support.

I'm learning that I need more than passion. People always say, "Just follow your passion." Besides passion, lots of courage is involved. So much courage. It is easier to follow your passion from the comfort of your home. "Going public"--which is what i feel as though we're doing--"putting ourselves out there", is equivalent to my 3-year-old son who recently sang the "ABCs" on stage at school in front of his whole class, parents, his older brother's class and his older sister's class. In front of the whole school. He did it. His whispering audible to a very proud mother and father (I am crying now). That took so much courage. He is the child who had been so quiet at school that one day he spoke and a classmate said, "He can talk?" He sang his ABCs on a stage. That's huge! Thinking of him makes me think I can bake some cupcakes and cookies, turn the "open" sign on, unlock the door, and be brave.

My baby boy sang. He sang. I can whip up some deliciousness. I can follow my passion. I can so be brave.


Cakes said...

I was just watching the video of that brave whisper of a song and I was thinking the same thing. And thinking of wee little Fiona up there.

You are so brave. And just like what followed your baby boy singing, after your shop opened we were all shouting and clapping (and smearing chocolate frosting all over our faces)

your anonymous friend and secret admirer

SweetArt said...

Hello Cakes! Thanks for commenting and following...i will now follow your wonderful blog (who knew?!)

Thank you for your support!

Anonymous said...