Saturday, August 13, 2011

Better hours, Better life!

It's been a while, but hopefully with our new schedule you will see an

updated blog, emails with actual photos of food (imagine that?!), and the
return of great weekly specials.

What was that? New hours? Well, sort of. Usually in the winter after
Christmas break, we change our schedule from Tuesday-Saturday to
Wednesday-Saturday. Well, it's not Christmas, but after many
conversations we've decided that the Wednesday-Saturday schedule better
fits the life we want to have. See Tuesday-Saturday really means
MONday-Saturday for Cbabi and me. We have to prep for the week and shop,
no complaints--it's part of small business ownership. So Sunday is our
off day (if we don't have a wedding or special catering event). But time
with our family (where everybody is together at the same time AND awake!),
has been sacrificed. Not the goal of running this business. It's just too
much for who we must be as parents and people, husband and wife. I know
most of you will understand, and thank you for supporting a business that
aims to create great things to eat and see, great opportunities for people
who are often ignored, and a great model of priorities. Our children
thank you too!

Now on to the FOOD! Every Saturday is now Vegan Pizza Day. Come on, all
you wonderful vegans; don't leave me hanging. My crew (none are vegan)
are bemoaning this decision, but I said, "We must have pizza for my
vegans...and Saturday is now that day!" So prove them all wrong:) and come
get some vegan pizza.

Starting in September, every Friday will be Vegan Soul Food Friday. But
how, you ask? Easy. Great produce, a little magic vegan cheese sauce and get Southern Greens, Chai-Spiced Maple Sweet Potatoes, Vegan
Corn Bread, Vegan Mackin' Cheeze, BBQ Tofu. A plate of goodness, for
sure. Don't sleep on this one.

Look for weekly specials to return, our School-House Pizza every day
(vegan on Saturdays:), and loads of love and appreciation to you all for
supporting this dream.

grace & peace,

Reine, Cbabi, & the Entire SweetArt Crew!


David said...

Always happy to be supportive of your decisions to protect your work-life balance and I'll try to make it out more often to help you make this work!

c2thej said...

I keep hearing wonderful things about SweetArt and definitely want to stop by next week. In the past, I read that you stop serving the sandwich menu at 3pm, is that still correct? I just don't want to show up too late!

B. Vegan said...

Thanks David...we really appreciate the love and support!

And, C2theJ, yes, we stop lunch at 3 so I hope to see you in soon...and thank you!

angielee said...

I need vegan soul food....and I need it now!