Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hello, Blog? It's me, Reine!

A funny thing happened on the way to this blog today. I happened to read an email sent to Cbabi requesting his presence for an event which he would be PERFECT for because he has a successful business. A successful business? I guess. I mean we are open, and all. And doesn't every successful business almost get their gas cut off during lunch rush by Laclede Gas? Doesn't that happen to them all? But that was year one, so does that even count?

Friends, if there's anything Cbabi and I feel the most, success isn't it. Fearful? Check. Nausea? Check. Unprepared and Unknowledgable? Check Check! Exhausted? Triple Check! It seems like an oxymoron to place SweetArt and Successful as an international couple. But I guess it's not.

We're still open. Oven's still heatin' (thanks nameless Laclede Gas guy who said, "If I give you three hours to pay the bill can you do that?" You SO rock!). Baked goods still come out every day we're open. It's Magic. Definitely Miracles. A lot of Faith. Some Tears. And God.

Some weeks are harder than others. This was a hard week (and it's not over)! There were tears today(all mine). Wavering faith. Beliefs that wholesale only would be the best bet. But then, I came out of the funk (thanks, Babe (that's Cbabi to y'all). It's like the little engine that could, "I think I can. I think I can. I think I can." I really do think I can. And when I think I can't, I don't make my home there.

So maybe I should think along the lines of that person who sent the request to Cbabi--SweetArt is a successful business.

That really does sound better than, "Oh, God what are we gon' do?!?!?!"SweetArt.


I love y'all and I thank you for the support...of our sucessful business;-)

grace & peace,



clark said...

I'm shedding some tears just imagining life without SweetArt. That ain't no life I want to lead.

SweetArt said...

No worries, it's all good. We're here to stay...for a while:-)

Nick said...

Hello, my lady-friend just moved in down the street from you guys. We are gonna try and stop by today so I was checking out your website. My dad and I own/run our own business and believe me, I know how tough it is. Sounds like you are very successful to me. Sometimes the headaches, uncertainty, and small-none paychecks suck but in the end I love what Im doing and Im doing what I love so it's all worth it. "If your going through hell, keep going!"