Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sweet Happening May 10th-14th

Hello Extended SweetArt Family!

The weather is finally breaking (and it's officially time to get the ac fixed in our car), but more importantly--luscious fruits and veggies are beckoning us to put them in pies and tarts, make curds out of them and put them in cupcakes and shells of puff pastry (that we make in house-from scratch, bien sur, and whip them into buttercreams to fill between whoopee pies. And, just in case you didn't know, when fruit is added to any dessert, the calories and fat magically disappear. I know, I know--I didn't believe it at first either, but it's proven science in the In Your Dreams Journal of From-Scratch Baking.

This week we're introducing two new cupcakes: Grace and Tropical Getaway. Grace is a chocolate cupcake filled with raspberry curd and topped with white chocolate buttercream and a fresh raspberry sitting all-pretty-like in the middle of fluffy ridiculousness. Tropical Getaway is a surprise shocker (a surprise because I don't usually like coconut). This little gem is a golden vanilla butter cake filled with key lime curd and topped with coconut Italian meringue buttercream and toasted coconut. Not that it has to be said, but, we make all of our curds in-house, from-scratch without any junk ingredients. That's why it tastes so familiarly good. Is familiarly a word? Alas, who cares, it's good. Stop in this week to welcome the new babies

You've seen a change in faces in some parts of SweetArt. We have some new crew in the house! And this is the first time I have EVER spoken about our staff, and I can now because they are all good! This bunch feels like a family unit (finally). For however long everyone stays, I am happy to have them all. Our baking staff is Lisa, Tamar and Ken and myself (of course). On lunch we have Lena, Michelle and Annette. And for counter charmers we have Rena, Sympho and Laura. Fred is the dish engineer and cupcake-case refiller on Saturdays and we are working hard and loving what we do.

GLUTEN-FREE GLUTEN-FREE!!! After years of requests for gluten-free goodies we finally have a daily gluten-free AND vegan cupcake. Although we are still a bakeshop that uses gluten, we make our gluten-free cupcakes first thing in the morning on separate equipment and while using separate ingredients (obviously gluten-free flours) we also use separate baking powder, salt, etc. We want to keep things as safe as possible. For now, our gluten-free goodies are also vegan because that has been the most requested.

Our menu has changed...and I want to keep it the way it is for a while...or atleast until I tire of it:) Our Sweet Burger, Flad Burrito, Klemm and Shaw paninis are staples, while our Vegan Philly Cheezesteak, Vegan Banh Mi, and Magnolia Sandwich are our newbies. Try something new if you always get the same thing; it will be delicious!

Our sandwich special this week is a Hot "ham" & cheese panini: vegan ham, white cheddar, caramelized onion jam and a fantastic mustard are grilled to perfection on Companion's Bada Bind Hoagie roll. We have two salads: our Greek Salad which always gets love and a candied almond-cherry-goat cheese diddy that is so good I had it for lunch--it's the truth. Need it vegan? Just say "no goat cheese, please" and we'll make it happen.

What would you like to see as a special in the shop? The old Botanical? How about the Flora with the spinach and herb hummus? Anyone a fan of pimento cheese (or is it just me? I am from Tennessee, after all)? We are taking requests for what we are calling, "You choose next week's special!" Think seasonally if you can--it's cheaper for us:)

Also, drop your business card in our bucket (or a piece of paper with your info on it). Each month we will be choosing a winner of our "Happy Un-Birthday Cake"...cause cake tastes better when it's for no reason at all! We will make a 6-inch cake of your choice for you to enjoy with some friends or family or no one at all(we won't tell!)

As always, we couldn't do this without you. We are so so so grateful for your support and encouragement. We do what we do because of you.

grace & peace,

Reine, Cbabi and the Entire SweetArt Crew!


Laura said...

I am so excited about gluten free, vegan cupcakes! THANK YOU!

Rebecca said...

I tried a gluten-free vegan cupcake last week...YUM! Thank you for offering a gluten-free vegan cupcake every day!

Is the 39th gone? I didn't see it on the menu you listed. I LOVE that one.

Rebecca said...

Here is my request for a weekly special: the spicy bbq tofu taco that you had a while ago...it was spicy and so tasty. I'd love to see it as a special or a staple!

Brian Marston said...

um, yes to pimento cheese!! Just made some from scratch myself a few weeks ago...who knew you could do that?? (well, you probably did, you from-scratch goddess, but I grew up thinking it was born in a plastic tub in the fridge case at Seessel's....) And any kind of BBQ-type tofu dish would be most welcome!

Brian Marston said...

yeah that would be Amanda D., not Brian...oopsie.

David said...

My wife dearly misses the Flora, so if that came back, even if just as a special, she'd be thrilled!

B. Vegan said...

Hello All,

So glad people are excited about the gluten-free vegan cupcakes daily. There was a gluten-free vegan chocolate-amaretto tart in there too...hope you had a chance to try that. Rebecca, yes to those tacos...it will be in the near future. David, the Flora was the special last week...I hope your wife had a chance to try it. Just in case, I'll make it this week's special too (so come on in if you can).

Thanks to you all for the support. Amanda, pimento cheese is so delicious and I don't think we've sold one order yet! Could it just fantastic to us Southerners?