Monday, May 23, 2011

Sweet Happening for the week of May 24th-May 28th

Hello Extended SweetArt Family!!

Thank you for tuning in to this week's SweetArt Happenings. We truly appreciate the love and support as we learn the art of business. It's an art, honey, and some week's it's not easy.

This week's special is the Flora. Remember that? Our spinach and herb hummus wrapped with mixed greens, tomatoes, carrots, and avocado with a drizzle of love? So fresh. So delicious. So try it this week. It will be here all this week.

You will notice a few new things in the shop this week. The first major thing is our hours. We will be opening up Tuesday-Friday from 8am-6pm. Why so early, you ask. Well, the other new thing is our espresso machine. We will finally be making lattes! And during this first week, we're taking off a sizable percentage to all who order between 8am and 10am Tuesday-Friday of this week! How large of a percentage? You'll have to come in to find out!

The other new things you'll notice are the tables. We have our first delivery of certified-green and locally-sourced wood tables from Mwanzi Co., a Green Building Supply Company here in St. Louis, Missouri! Visit them at We don't know if we are the first bakeshop/cafe in St. Louis to have a community table (a large table where many people/groups can sit may not know each other, but that's the beauty of it all!) We started SweetArt to bring the community together and what better way than through a community table? We are so excited, and we hope you enjoy these tables as much as we do!

We've been doing some great things with our house-made puff pastry--namely our Puff Pockets: sweet or savory filled goodies wrapped in flaky puff pastry. It has become the new and improved muffin (in our eyes).

We are booked this Friday and Saturday for all custom orders. We apologies to those who were planning on ordering this week, but we have somehow booked up with orders and weddings (praise GOD!!) We will have PLENTY of cupcakes and other goodies on each of those days, so please be sure to visit us and get what you need.

This week's goody: try to love yourself. As always, I'm speaking mainly to myself. We can be so critical of all we do and all we are. I've decided to do a 40-day self-love cleanse where I say nothing negative about myself, and where I say something positive throughout the day about how glorious I am! It's not easy, but really--it should be. I bet I'm not alone with this one--especially as the season changes and shorts and sleeveless tops are required for the heat. It would be great to wake-up, put on my clothes, and say, "Damn, gone girl with yo' fine self!"--instead of the usual self-critical, non-loving verbage. 40-days. Wanna join me?

Thank you to you all for the love and support. Hope to see you this week!

grace & peace,

Reine, Cbabi, and the entire SweetArt crew!

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