Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Foodies can get full of themselves. It's true. Take for example Sally Jo (totally fictional name I just made up. .. if you are a real Sally Jo, this is not about you--truly): Sally Jo is known for her guacamole. No party she attends can be without her guacamole. Everyone harasses Sally for her terrific guacamole recipe. It's so freaking fantastic that people have nicknamed Sally Avocado!!

One day Sally cascades into the party of the year with a heaping bowl of magic mole, and she is feelin' herself. But something unusual happens: magic mole ain't so magic. It sits there. all. night. long. Not one swipe from a stale corn chip. Not one person seen reaching for the magic. It's as if everyone is allergic to avocados.

Friends, today I am Sally Jo. Not that I am ever a full-of-myself foodie--no, not me...but I've heard good things about our quiche. Great things! We were in Sauce for goodness' sake where our quiche was labeled the "Eat This!" People love our quiche!!(note the exclamations marks), but this morning that poor thing sat there as if it were made of styrofoam and for display only. So Cbabi says, "Blog about it. I'll go take a picture of it and you can write about it. Don't just write about the good stuff."

So here I am, a bloggin' Sally Jo...
And what was today's quiche, you ask? It was a veggie sausage, roasted tomato, and cheddar spectacular creation. Delicious as always, I assume.

p.s. as Cbabi took the quiche to take pictures, people swarmed the quiche requesting slices for magic.

grace & peace,


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