Tuesday, October 18, 2011

SweetWeek October 19th-22nd

Hello Extended SweetArt Family,

As always, thank you all for your support and love. Thank you for telling us what you love, thank you for telling us what you'd like, thank you for giving us your business.

This week is so exciting. For our baseball fans, we'll be doing these cute baseball cupcakes--Go Cards!! We'rre still open 10am Wednesday-Friday and 9am on Saturdays. Please come in to try all of the goodness this week. I'm super excited about our Bread Pudding Muffins (yup, bread pudding muffins)! Perfect for this change in weather with a great espresso drink or tea!

This week our lunch special is actually our breakfast burrito (the Edna--named after Cbabi's Grandmother). This burrito is such a hit on Saturdays that we thought maybe people would love it enough to order it through the week. We load it up with scrambled tofu, creole potatoes, cheese of choice, salsa, and vegan sausage. It is truly remarkable (in a good way)!

Some of you know that we've been doing Vegan Soul Food Friday--we still do, but the traditional plate of soul food has changed. Though we love the BBQ Tofu, Vegan Mackin' Cheese, Plantains, & collards, we love other food as well--comfort food. So this Friday's vegan soul food "meal" is a Vegan Lasagna with delicious house-made garlic bread, and side salad. We are excited about this. The weather is perfect for lasagna! We hope we see you Friday--and all the other days we are open.

Keep you eyes peeled for our seasonal cupcakes: White Chocolate Peppermint, Pumkin Patch, and Gingerbread. Tis the season for these little gems.

Our new cupcake price is $2.25 each and $25 per dozen. Butter has gone down in price (yay!!) so our price can now go down as well. Thank you for your loyalty to us when our prices had to increase. We really appreciate you!

Treat yourself this week...be good to yourself...and know you are meant to shine!

grace & peace,

Reine, Cbabi & the ENTIRE SweetArt Crew!

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