Monday, February 21, 2011

Sweet Happenings this week (February 23rd- 26th)

Hello Extended SweetArt Family!

We have been working so hard lately wanting to be better. Fingers crossed that it's working. We are so grateful to have you all visit us and tell a friend. It really is keeping us in business.

Here are some of our fantastic specials (and news) this week!

On the art front: Cbabi's Birds of Wisdom show has been scheduled for March 5th 7pm-10pm. His work has gotten brighter and more creative in the last year, and I am so excited for St. Louis to view it. Please join us that eveing for art, sweets and good energy! You won't want to miss this.

Specials are back. Come enjoy our Spicy Peanut Soup (vegan) as soup season draws to a close for SweetArt. And this week we will have a glorious Eggplant-Fontina Panini with a zippy artichoke/garlic spread. Delishhhhhhhhhhh!! Spontaneity has visited and our salad has changed its tune. Welcome back the Vegan Caesar w/garlicky house croutons. And we promise, that Black Magic Burger will have the best guacamole ever on it this week! Try it if you haven't just yet!

We've include a permanent Savory Pie to the everyday lunch menu. This past week we celebrated spinach with our Spinach-Feta Pie in our buttery crust but topped with funky filo ruffles. It is my favorite seasonal pie to date. Mouth is watering now thinking of it! Try the savory pie (it will be great!) It's only $5.95 and comes with fruit.

Sometimes I come to put cupcakes in the case, and I see a line, and I get all weirdly anti-social because I am holding back the it's not's my emotional meter being put into check. Thank you guys. We love and appreciate the support.

grace & peace,

Reine, Cbabi & the entire SweetArt Crew


RebeccaW said...

I can't handle all of this delicious food! I think I'm going to get the Black Magic Burger AND the Vegan Caesar Salad today. You're making me gluttonous!

B. Vegan said...

Thanks, RebeccaW! We aim to please!