Saturday, January 29, 2011

Savory Pies...good gracious

Those who have been into the shop recently have seen the addition of savory pies. I love pie: sweet, savory, tarts, galettes, deep dish, fluted, free form. Give me a pie and I am pleased!

This past week we have been doing Deep Dish/Chicago-style pizzas. This little diddy is our spinach, ricotta & feta (think spanakopita if it were a deep-dish pizza). Our savory pies come with fruit and they've been doing really well.

I just ate a piece--this one in the photo, actually--and I can tell you, it was FANTASTIC! It is also amazingly light. Comes with fruit (I did not eat the fruit, shame on me!) and is under $6.

Keep your eyes peeled for Taco Pie, Eggplant Happiness, and many more savory goodnesses.

We hope you'll love them all.

grace & peace,


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