Friday, January 7, 2011

A note about your Groupon & who we are as a company...

We are so happy that people bought our first offer on Groupon...and that even more people bought our second offer. We like that people want to support our company, a small local business, all the while receiving an amazing deal.

That said, if you saw at the last minute (as several people did) that your Groupon expires today, please don't be mad at us because SEVERAL PEOPLE realized the same thing, came into the shop today, and WIPED US OUT!!!

We have a tiny kitchen--that said, we made several varieties of cookies, quiche, bars, loaf breads, and 4xs the amount of cupcakes that we do normally...all in ONE OVEN--like magic.

But it's not magic. It's human beings working tirelessly to supply the demand as best as we can. But we are not robots, and this is not a factory--and we think that is why most people come here. We make it fresh without preservatives and not until we get here in the morning. FRESH. Not six-days old. Respect that.

After purchasing his Groupon 9 months ago, I had one customer who called at 5:45pm today wanting to use his on the day it expires (we close at 6p.m. or whenever we sell out). With stank all over his voice once told that we'd sold out for the day, he said, "Well that's not a cool way to introduce people to your company!"

You know what's not cool, blaming us for your procrastination. That $%@#'s not cool.

Another "using my Groupon at the last minute" woman, once being told that she could not place a custom order for cookies tomorrow, but that we would love to honor her Groupon today for cookies next Wednesday (our next open day), said, "This is the most annoying company to work with!"

What's annoying is dealing with people who are suffering from a bad case of entitlement. That $%@#'s annoying.

So if you bought our lastest and probably last Groupon offer, please use it well before it expires. We are a small company with even smaller facilities & can only handle so much. If everyone waits until the last week/day, we are going to be wiped out. I know some people won't. Procrastination is hard to shake...but don't be mad at us.




ThreefourteenDesign said...

I can definitely appreciate your frustration with Groupon. there are many articles out there that espouse on the issues companies have offering groupons. I have never offered a groupon, so I can't speak to the level of customization that one has when offering a discount. If possible I would research the heck out of it. Anticipating last minute shoppers and writing clauses into your discount that protects you as a company. Your suggestion to allow the woman to use her groupon to purchase cookies now and pick them up later seemed more than reasonable. Anyway, best of luck to you! Don't let a couple of finicky last minute shoppers ruin your thoughts of future discounts. Perhaps a foursquare discount? Or facebook page discounts. Check out Wao Bao. They do social media very well!

Gary S said...

Wow, the nasty underbelly of Groupon. You aren't alone, I've read of this happening with other small businesses.

I think you were very accommodating to nasty custom cookie lady.

Keep doing what you do, and keep doing it as well as you do it!

Meridian said...

people should realize that supporting businesses on groupon...really means supporting businesses. purchasing the groupon is only the beginning of support. now you need to visit the business and respect its space and policies. the "groupon promise" needs to extend to the businesses as well.

its unfortunate that so much discontent can be experienced in such a joyful, peaceful place.

note: they sell cupcakes and happy art people!

Get Skinny, Go Vegan. said...

This is about gluten, not groupon! But just wondering what sandwiches you have that would be considered gluten free and also vegan. And also, what is the type of gluten free bread that you use? It is really good and would love to pass the word around. Is the gluten free bread also vegan (no egg whites, etc...?).
Brought some carnivores and they liked the Sweet Burger.