Saturday, December 5, 2009

What day is this?

This week was the hardest in my 40 Day Vegan project. I have not eaten any eggs or dairy of any kind, but this week--my heavens--I wanted cheese so badly. I've been fine for days, but this week I daydreamed about gooey cheese pizza and macaroni and cheese and macaroni and cheese and macaroni and cheese. I MUST develop a good macaroni and cheese recipe--SOON!

On a brighter note, if you've been in the shop this week, you've seen vegan EVERYTHING: PECAN BARS, PEANUT BUTTER COOKIES, CHOCOLATE-CHIP COOKIES, SCONES, VARIOUS CUPCAKES. This vegan diet is making my ass fat! I've supplemented baked goods for a cheese craving. I must get this under control. Funny what "deprivation" does to the mind...what games.

Alas, I've come up with so many tasty things that I'm thinking of developing a cookbook. One with savories and sweets. The Big Momma rolls would definitely be a part of the book.

If any one has a really good vegan mac n' cheese recipe, please pass it along. If I come up with one, I'll post it.

grace & peace,



veggie365 said...

Hi, Reine!

I stopped in to your restaurant for the first time this weekend and my hubby and I were bowled over by your food! Absolutely delish! And the vegan cinnamon roll was to die for! Mmm-mm!

I was vegetarian for 17 years and have been vegan for the past 2 1/2. You'll know when it is the right decision for you - but reading a lot about things that reinforce your decision is helpful, at least for me!

I live about 45 minutes away, but can't wait to come on in again and visit for more wonderful eats! I'm originally from St. Louis and long for the more veg-friendly surroundings of that area versus where I live out Hwy. 44 right now!

Anyway - good luck on your vegan journey - everyone's journey is different and all their own!

By the way, I wanted to mention that - even though I have found that the cheese cravings go away the longer you are away from it - the new Daiya vegan cheese is truly amazing. If you haven't heard about it yet, you should check it out. And you can taste on pizza at Pi restaurant. It is difficult to believe it is vegan, it is truly that good.

Best to you!

SweetArt said...

Hi Kim,

Thanks for stopping in. I'm glad you and your husband enjoyed your visit. Funny you should mention Daiya--I'm getting s sample from a supplier this week. I want to experiment with it and we plan on expanding our EATS menu in January after break, so I'm excited to see what I can come up with. Again, thank you for coming (and from far away:) I look forward to seeing you next time.

grace & peace,


veggie365 said...

Hi, Reine!

That is awesome about the Daiya! Here is a post from a blog that I think is really informative - she works at Whole Foods out west and has had both the shredded and the block style of Daiya.

Have a great day!


PB and Jess said...

I missed out on all the new vegan offerings...oh no!! :( I hope you'll have more this week!

SweetArt said...

Hey Jess,

More vegan goodies to come. Come check us out when you can. Hope all is well with you and yours.

grace & peace,


Daron said...

Mayor Slay likes your brownies. :o)

I like that he likes them.

I added your page as a stub on the St. Louis Vegetarian Wiki,
You are certainly free to edit, change, and expand it. I didn't do the geographic part yet.

I'm getting close to the ten year mark in my veganhood. It is a wonderful lifestyle. Feel good about yourself and the world. 40 days is great.

I make an active effort to avoid excess sugar most of the time. I'm more of a roots and greens kind of person, but cupcakes are nice too.
Your shop sounds wonderful.

I'm out of town for the year, but when I return, I'll be sure to hang out in your foyer.

Taye' Foster Bradshaw said...

If you develop a vegan mac&cheese, definitely let me know! Keziah is allergic to milk and soy and eggs and a bunch of other things. She does not like the taste of rice milk, but who knows, if you come up with an alternative...

I've been a vegetarian since Lent this year. I must say, your BLT is awesome and the first one I had since becoming a vegetarian. You are definitely worth the drip down I-44!!!!!

Continued best wishes for such a treasured shop!

Gretchen said...

Soul Vegetarian East in Chicago has the best mac and cheese I've ever had - vegan or regular. If you can get them to part with the recipe (and start making it down here), I will be eternally grateful!