Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thank you.

I was going to use this blog entry as a moment for whining, but I hate whining; hate hearing it- hate doing it. So instead of that, I've decided to make this entry one of thanks!

Thank you, dear customers, who realize that this is new for us so we are still figuring things out. Thank you, dear customers, who realize that though we have a burger on the menu, we are still not McDonalds and have no heating lamps so must make your burger fresh...which may mean you have to wait longer than you want to...especially if there is a line or call-in orders which you would know nothing about (I realize), but still, you don't whine and/or bitch in person or anywhere else. No really, the patience is a big deal...because I, personally, have none at times (I'm working on that though), and I know when you want to eat--you want to eat.

We rush around crazy all the time--which can't be a good thing. So when you come here, and we ask if you want a bow on your package...or we talk to you about your kids/job/dance troupe/business/life, we know from experience that that may be the only time during your day that someone is not rushing you along. Who likes to be rushed? Really? I promise we are not keeping your sandwich/wrap/salad hostage. We are moving as fast as we can back there...but this is not a grab and go place, and I'd like to think that that is the reason you come (besides all the INCREDIBLE TREATS AND EATS!).

So thank you, truly, I thank you for choosing us because we are supplying something different, wrapped with magic and love, and it's usually not ready in two minutes...sometimes not even ten. But we will never rush you, ever...and whenever our teeny tiny kitchen grows, we will be able to make things at a faster pace. If you saw what we were working with, you'd be amazed some things aren't taking us an hour to get out.

And thank you, dear customers, for spending your money with us. We know (believe me!) that money is still not growing on trees and that you have 10,000 choices on where to spend the money you do have. So when you come in and buy a cookie and get some water, you kick ass. You truly do, because you could spend that money anywhere and I know it. Coffee to go? You kick ass too! You could have gone to QuikTrip and gotten two (or more) cups of coffee for the price of our one.

We are not oblivious to your options, or to your desire to support a family-owned and operated, LOCAL, small (like, teeny small) business. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts all the way to the top...from the front to the back...and the sides :) May you all be blessed for the blessings you are to us.

grace & peace,



Stephanie said...

Good food is worth the wait! I had your sweet burger a few weeks ago, and although it took a while to come out, it was SO worth it.

Keep up the great work!

Sallie Ann said...

your little corner of the planet is exceptional, and I seriously can't wait to come back to St. Louis for more cupcakes and quiche! Or whatever other yummies you have cooked up. Your work is inspiring.

PB and Jess said...

I'll keep coming to Sweet Art no matter how long it takes -- everything you make is worth waiting for! I hope you aren't stressing over this! :)