Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Philly Cheese Steak & Soup! ??

I love soup! No, really: a bowl of delicious soup and a crusty roll or scone or biscuit (is this still about soup?), and I'm in heaven.

As the weather turns from summer to fall, we at SweetArt will be adding delicious soups to our menu. They will rotate and change and we have no idea what they will consist of just yet...but they will be "joyfully succulent" (new phrase, just made that up on the spot!).

And as far as Philly Cheese Steaks are concerned: we are adding to the E.A.T.S. menu: we will have EITHER a Seitan Cheese Steak (vegan optional, of course) or a BBQ Tofu. What would you like to see? We are also changing our Shenandoah to fit the season. So in a couple of week, Shenandoah will no longer be spinach, red onion and pepper-jack; it will be butternut squash, sage and a cheese yet undeclared. And maybe we will be creating a Taco Tuesday? What do you think? I really want to know (only if it is positive because if you just what to whine a rant I can do without that).

grace & peace,



PB and Jess said...

Oh man, a Philly cheesesteak?! I lived in PA before coming St. Louis, so I cannot WAIT to get my hands on one of those. Also, the new butternut squash/sage combo sounds amazing! I'm a big fan of soups too and can't wait to see what you come up with. I wouldn't mind tortilla soup or anything really chunky and hearty. Taco Tuesday sounds like a good idea too. I wish I could come in every day....

Kelly said...

Hello Reine! I wanted to say how much we loved your food--the burgers, the brownies--just made our day! I saved a piece of brownie for later in the day, and yes, it was just as good coming unwrapped from the depths of my purse with a side of soy milk! I love the new menu ideas! We will be back (I need to take better pictures and do a post about you!)Yum, soup is always good, and a vegan soup is even better! And Taco Tuesday--who doesn't love tacos? I love it! See you soon!

SweetArt said...

Hey there!

We went with the bbq tofu sandwich. right now it's just on saturdays, but hopefully it will make a daily appearance soon. Also today, we made (for the first time ever!!) Vegan Big Momma Cinnamon Rolls. We all thought they tasted lighter than the "regular" BMCR. No one could tell. And when I told them, they said they wouldn't have been able to tell the difference if I hadn't said anything! Come in and try one if you can. i need an expert vegan opinion.


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