Monday, March 30, 2009

It's been too long!!

Forgive has been tooooooooooooo long since our last blog entry. We are new business owners who have never been business owners and it is a learning experience. Bumps, curves, highs, lows, and optimism all the way. We took a quick trip to Hannibal, MO, to take in the 50 Miles of Art. It was nice to get away from it all because it keeps us clear about our mission and goals with SweetArt.

On to business stuff...if you come in this week and say, "Dinosaur" you can receive our luscious Maine Event--chocolate-chip-chunk cookie for 75 cents. That cookie is the truth, so don't think it's just some plain, old chocolate-chip cookie. Limit one per purchase (you know how some of you can be:)

We're also adding a BLT to the menu--using Smart Bacon (vegan bacon), organic mixed greens and juicy tomato with our house-spiked vegan mayo (or as we like to say, vegan magic!). That's one thing I miss since becoming a vegetarian--bacon! And Smart Bacon is a fine alternative to the real thing.

And to all those who have fallen in love with the Lucy cupcake (lemon cupcake with raspberry buttercream), we'll have them on Saturday. Call ahead to set some aside, if you like.

grace & peace,



Megan K. HomeOwner said...

Secret(ish) discount codes! Fantastic!!

I can't wait to pick up my birthday cake this weekend!!


PB and Jess said...

I can't wait to sink my teeth into one of the new vegan BLTs!! Mmmm...

Any chance you'll start carrying vegan cookies? :)

Evelyn said...

I'll have to come in again some time soon. Would love to try your other vegan treats. The cake you made for my husband for his birthday was amazing! Thank you again!

SweetArt said...

vegan chocolate chip cookies are on the menu for May 9th. come get some vegan goodness!!

Anonymous said...