Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Coming out of the dark...

Hello? Anybody there? It's me, Reine, the neglectful blogger.

It's been four months of no blogging and really, before then, it was just lunch postings--that's not really blogging.

This won't be long. Just a proclamation of re-commitment.

 I'm coming out of the dark.

This has been such a shitty summer. My mother passed unexpectedly. My world stopped. I've cried at least once a day since May 26, 2012.  I've questioned my career of choice.  Does anybody even know I'm here? That this little bakeshop is chugging along trying with all its might to matter?

I've been jamming in my own little pity party.

But, life goes own. I still love what I do. I still cry once a day, but I also laugh more than that.  And more importantly, these little baked goods that we make make my days sweeter.

I hope they make your day sweeter too.

Here's to coming out of the dark. To chugging along--even when all you wan to do is crawl underneath the freakin' earth. If you are feeling like I've felt recently, I'm praying for you. While you're at, pray for me if can muster it:)

I promise the next blog post will mention food. But for now, proclamations and declarations.

keep chuggin'



Vector Communications said...

Hi Reine,

We see you girl. Keep shining. In fact I would love to come and film a bit of your shop and feature it in the City of St. Louis Business Celebration Video. We are producing it now and I wanted to reach out and see if you would be available for a brief comment on camera as well...we'd love it if you had flour in your hair! Please call if you can..I left a message as well with your staff member just a few minutes ago.

Rachel Powers
Vector Communications
(also, Rebeccah's friend)

Adrienne Brown-David said...

Sweet Art is ALWAYS high on my priority list when we come to St. Louis. We were there last month and I had a tiramisu cupcake that was INSANE!! My girls and I are out here, keeping up with you guys (and checking your lunch menu when you post, even though we are 300 miles away)!

Mike Ryan said...

In mourning -
You don't know me but you do. We are struggling and then one arm is free. We giggle like children and one leg is dangling. Then the other arm and we breathe deeply the cool air as proof we live. We continue to cry and smile as we hang by one leg hoping the grip does not slip. We ask for the sweet memories to remain so the grip will hold and never let us go.
Rire plus que vous criez mon sweet. MSR

kathy said...

So sorry to hear of your loss. I know the community loves all you give, cupcakes you bake, and smiles you share. Wishing you a peaceful and joyous Fall!

TEAMHILL said...

Sorry to hear about your lose this summer. We have been coming to Sweetarts since it opened in 08! Last week my 1 year old had a lovely time playing with your 4 year old daughter....we stay up the sweet and think that your bakery is the best in all of St. Louis :)

TEAMHILL said...

I meant *loss

BFayBooks said...

Greetings to you and Cbabi - I hope you are smiling more each day. I get to St. Louis once in a blue moon, and will put your bakery on my list as a MUST VISIT for the next trip.

Best to you in 2013,
Barbara Fay

Heidi Poodle said...

So sorry to hear of your mom's passing and your grief. As sad as you still may be, and as much as you likely still miss her, rejoice in your memories and the love she showed you. I lost my mom when I was 18 months old and would gladly trade the void that loss created in my life for the pain of losing her had she lived and could have known me, and I her. I lost my dad in a car accident 11 years ago to a drunken driver. It's hard to make sense of such huge losses, but we carry on for the sake of those around us and for our own life that is such a wonderful gift to be enjoyed, despite its accompanying pain.

My wife and I love your cafe and come as often as we can, but we live near hywy 109 in Wildwood. Still, we've brought my wife's mom, her best friend, her brother and his entire family, and my best friend from Texas so they could experience the wonderful food and the atmosphere you have created with the locally made tables, friendly workers, and relaxed patrons. Yours is a lovely sanctuary in a bustling, chaotic city and a real island of emotional peace. I thank you for creating it and for sharing it with us all. You are greatly appreciated and a wonderful role model.

There is nothing I can say to relieve your pain and though you will never "get over" this loss, and there will no doubt be days when the emotions flair as badly as ever, it will eventually get easier to carry on with normal life.

If anything is to be gained from such a horrible loss, it is an appreciation for the fragile veil of life and the relatively short time we have been given to enjoy it and our fellow travellers. Blessings to you and your family. We love you all.