Wednesday, February 1, 2012

SweetArt Lunch this week April 4th-7th

Lunch this week:

1. SweetBurger! Our signature house-made vegan burger with all the fix ins': mixed greens, tomato, magic spread and ketchup on our house-made bun. You have to try this! Don't let the "vegan" fool you.

2. Carrie (our Vegan BLT) on house-made wheat bread with our signature magic spread, mixed greens, tomato, Vegan Smart Bacon on our house-made bread. Add avocado for $1.50

3. School-House Pizza: changes daily. Vegan and Regular cheese varieties

4. Quiche: our world-Famous Quiche that is unlike any other!

5. Enchilada Pie: our Vegan and Gluten-Free enchilada pie served with salsa and avocado smash. Perfect

6. Savory Pie: call to find out more.

7. Falafel Burger: our house-made vegan falafel burger (the patty is gluten free too!) with a wonderful feta-yogurt sauce on our house-made bun with greens, tomato and cucumber. Scrumptious!!!

8. Salad: Surprise Me!

Hope to see you!


PB and Jess said...

This year I didn't get to have one of your fab brownies for my birthday...I miss them (plus the food and atmosphere) soooo much. Don't you guys want relocate to Baltimore or DC?! <3

fondducoeur said...

Can't wait to get me a Sweet Burger for lunch tomorrow!

Adrienne Brown-David said...

Was in St. Louis for the weekend and brought the kids over for cupcakes. I had a vanilla rose cupcake that was, by far, the best thing I have ever eaten.

SweetArt said...

PB & Jess! I SOOO want to have a location in DC! You never know...

Fondducoeur: I'm so happy that burger is back--prayer works!

And Adrienne, thank you so much!! That cupcake has a way of not feeling as guilty as the others...I think it's that rose-water buttercream.

JLSW said...

Wondering if you have any gluten-free loveliness this week- I will be in the neighborhood tomorrow and would love to stop by...