Thursday, December 16, 2010

Go with the Flow...

So, here we are at the end of our second year. There were many many moments when we thought: 1. What the hell are we doing? 2. Why did we want to do this again? 3. Are we making any money?

We still ask those question and many more.

We will probably change our hours slightly after we re-open in January. We opened initially Wednesday-Saturday--which was great! Then we added Tuesday. Then we added lunch? Then more lunch? Then we added earlier hours. Then even earlier hours. Then we opened an hour later because no one was coming at 7a.m.

So, we spent a lot of time trying to be everything for everybody. And that did not work for us. Now, we want to follow our needs and intuitions more. So things are going to change. This is a heads up. Just how they're going to change is not yet perfected, but they are going to or we're going to go crazy. Then there'll be no more SweetArt, and we definitely don't want that.

So bear with us. We're still navigating this small-business-dom.

grace & peace,



veggie365 said...

You can never please everyone - so you are so right to figure out what works best for you and your family and the rest will come. Whatever you decide to do, you will do with conviction and passion instead of being spread too thin to be effective anywhere!

By the way - congratulations on the cover of Sauce Magazine - those are my favorite vegan brownies that I get nearly every visit and I need to get in really soon to indulge!

When are you closed for the holiday, by the way?

Happy Holidays to you and yours!


Chris Grus said...

Keep on Baking!

Rebecca said...

I'm in love with your shop, so whatever you need to do to keep it running is fine with me! Number one rule: YOU always come first, no matter what.

Keep on baking. I love what you do!

Happy holidays to you and the Sweet Art family!


Robert said...

I just found your site and learned of your business thru Groupon. I love sweet treats and I'm bummimng out because it's Sunday and you're closed. Rest assured, I WILL be there this week.
If I may close with a bit of advice, well, actually support. Carry thru with your plans to change your hours so you can have a life beyond the business. I have a small business in University City and I started out trying to please everyone: It ain't gonna happen! You could be open 23 hours a day and someone will be p.o'd about the one hour you're closed. Those of us who want and value your products and services will be there. The rest can continue to consume pre-packaged food that was prepared who knows when, who knows where, by who knows who?

SweetArt said...

So so true. Thank you all for responding with such support. I'm still scared, but as my lovely spouse always says, "family first." We will reopen in January with new additions to the menu and wonderful baked goods. Be safe & have a great holiday season.

grace & peace,


Sallie Ann said...

When I fly in from Chicago, SweetArt is the first place I stop to get a meal (and something to go for my hotel stay!). So, whatever you need to do to keep some balance, do it. You're providing amazing food. And from the challenge I happily faced getting a lunch-time table on my last trip, I'm not the only one who loves your food.

Kella said...

I just want to join the chorus, Reine, and say do what you need to do to nurture your family, self, and passions. You are an incredibly talented family (and your bakery rocks). You've worked hard enough to re-establish the rules whenever you want. Your true fans will remain. I am sure of it!