Tuesday, May 25, 2010

We LOVE Weddings!!

There was a time I didn't enjoy doing wedding cakes because I was so intimidated by them...but I'm loving all things wedding right now. Here a a few recent unions. You can see Heather (who married Andy, lucky guy!) on one of the photos. Heather and Andy had the only wedding (thus far) that we could see a bit of the ceremony while setting up. Rena and I got all teary! They were beautiful.

Matthew and Tamiko's purple and pink VEGAN wedding cake was up next. And I got to see the beautiful couple while they were taking photos on Grand Blvd. They looked exquisite!

Emma & Jose had a festive cupcake tier in the heart of Soulard. They were a sweet couple to work with.
And Christine and Mark had a vibrant blue VEGAN wedding cake at the Missouri Botanical Garden. I didn't see them, but I know they were awesome as well. Here at SweetArt, we are wishing all our newly married couples lives filled with joy, great health, and longevity.

grace & peace,

Reine (Oh, and forgive the layout...somebody out there teach me how to be a little more creative and knowledgable about placement of photos!)


Matthew said...

Reine!!! I can report that everyone loved the cake, even our non-vegan family and friends. Thank you so much for your talents and please extend our gratitude to the entire Sweet Arts staff as well.


SweetArt said...

Thank you, Matthew. I'm sooooooooooo relieved! You two looked beautiful! Congratulations & happy living.

grace & peace,


Kella said...

Reine, this is Kella, former supervisor at the STLCC Writing Center who came in last year to crow about your cupcakes and to tell you that Kathy M., Terry F., and others said hello! I now live in the Southwest Garden District, so if you ever want help with arranging photos on your blog, let me know. (I also bet one of your regulars, Elie Gardner, would love to help too!) I'll make sure I leave my contact information the next time I walk to your bakeshop.

SweetArt said...

Hey kella,

Thank you...I sooo need the help. I may have an opening for pt baking...you interested?

Rebecca said...

vegan quiche? thank you for offering so many vegan options! i'll look for the vegan quiche the next time i come in :)